Dogs on the Blog

Yes, that’s right.  I do pups too!  How can I not dedicate portraits to the furry babies in our lives.  These littles are the newest members of the Wysocki clan.  Little Gizmo was a camera hog in his little sweater and Jordy could have cared less what I did with my camera as long as he got to chew on his toys.  My favorite of all of these were Gizmo sitting, waiting in the hallway.  He is so tiny and has a face only a mama could love 🙂

collage 1DSC_5617


Baby Milner, due March 2013

Milner Baby, due March 2013

Tex and Kandis are ready to meet their little boy in just a few weeks.  Kandis truly embodies everything sexy and beautiful about pregnancy.  I hope she and “bubba” look back on these pictures one day and he is in awe of how gorgeous his mother was when she carried him.storyboard2

Tex is like my little brother and I am beyond eager to meet his little guy soon.  I have a feeling he will be as kind-hearted and compassionate as his daddy is regardless of the tough exterior.